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Making the intangible tangible

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

There are many complex systems and processes that go behind a service. How people work together. How technologies inter-link. Where the data comes from and where it surfaces. How things work over time. How all these contributing elements come together is the business of service design.

Making a service visible is key. Long reports, endless pages of text make quick access to the info you need at a certain point in time more than difficult. Maps not only show you what happens but very importantly the context within which it happens.

Mapping can be as simple as post-its on a wall, to a spreadsheet, to a map drawn up in a design programme like Miro or Illustrator. The key is that they are co-created and are a living source of information for a product/service team. Maps help teams to understand how things work, identify when there are pain points or opportunities. They are a communication tool to enable innovation. Co-op Digital have pushed the boundaries of service maps and you can see Katherine Wastell & Louise Nicholas share their wider story here:

Co-op Digital, Food - Store Hub Map - A day in the life of a store User Journey

Co-op Digital, Food - Store Hub Map - Work in progress

Leeds City Council - Understanding how Council Tax works and discovering the experience for customers and staff Various Maps

Co-op Digital, Food - Shifts App - Using the App User Journey & Blueprint

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