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Building a city wide community for the design of better services...

Looking back to our Service Jamming #Collaboration in Manchester #ServiceDesign part of Design Manchester Festival 2017 #ServiceDesignJAMDAYS DAY 1 Sharing Learning - Twitter Story DAY 2 Jamming - Twitter Story Our Medium publication -

Working with @CoopDigital

#DM17 Feedback: "...what stood out for me is the way Kathryn led and managed two Service Design Jam Days as part of the Design Manchester festival for the Co-op. She led an internal team of 8 people and set up 24 workshops running over 2 days. She created an energy and strong sense of community in a way that I had hoped to achieve in two years in just two weekend events." Ben Terrett, Group Design Director at The Co-operative Group 2015-18

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